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About Creative Canvas

Our photo booth is a great way to brand your event, whether it be a corporate event or staff party,

Holly Mitton, the Founder of Creative Canvas, has always loved being behind the camera.  But she also loves to engage with the subject of the lens.  So, what better way to do both than to have her own photo booth take the picture while she gets to play and have fun with the those in the booth! Holly is very connected to her community and is committed to providing the best service possible.  She is active in community volunteer work and knows the importance of creating community and sharing with community.  And in such, she provides discounted rates for fundraisers and other charity causes.

Meet The Team

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Holly Mitton

Holly Mitton has been behind the camera lens in for over 20 years.  What started out as hobby later became a passionate skill when he graduated with a Fine Arts Diploma from Thompson Rivers University.  Her love for photography was brought to life as she traveled to India, Kenya, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Jamaica.  Holly looks for that split second, that moment when a person bares their soul, exposes their thoughts and opens themselves up.  Candid photos are more about how a person feels that they are about how someone looks.  And Holly is always looking to capture the feeling.

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Trina Amero

A college trained photographer whose main focus is with the human body and exploring its natural beauty. With a huge love for getting lost in the forest and chasing waterfalls,  you can also find her city side photographing portraits, couples, boudoirs and engagements. She loves working with people and watching them blossom throughout their sessions into beautiful wild flowers swaying in the wind being free and having so much fun. She has a creative, quirky, and fun mind, and loves to try new things, always! Life is a journey and she’s waiting for new adventures to take place!

Hey, Are you also needing a photographer?

Our photo booth host knows how to engage and get the people at your event to feel comfortable. If you need additional photography at your event, our photographer can attend to take candid photos throughout the evening, capturing the memories that will last a life time. There is not need to hire another photographer when we can supply both the photo booth and a photographer. 

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